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Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development In this day and age make sure your site is compatible with your mobile devices.

App Development

App Development IOS APPS, ANDROID APPS, WINDOWS APPS, Small Projects Only, Great News App Development is now available!

Web Development

Web Development, Ecommerce, Sites, Blog Sites, Informative Sites, Personal Sites, Small Projects, Big Projects, And Much More...

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Well to start off I've worked as a manger for a start up for 4-5 years in the Metro East, St. Louis area, while doing so I have been teaching myself how to develop websites over the years I would say iv'e become quite adequate (more like advanced) in the languages I do know like Html5, Css3, Java, JavaScript, Angularjs, php, sql, Ajax, and jQuery ecommerce, websecurity. I have experience in phpmyadmin, mysql(databases), visual studios, phonegap, Jquerymobile, Amazon Web services, seo, front-end and back-end development and much more. I would rate myself as able to build extremely complex websolutions to very basic solutions, because i have. I'm also a freelancer web developer if you are interested email me larry7708@yahoo.com I'm not really charging for anything basic, I just wanna add to my portfolio. Anything major I can make it affordable. Ps... Also I'm transitioning into mobile websites and apps. Also before contacting me please scroll to the bottom of my page and click the Privacy Policy to view my Policies.

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  •  St. Louis, Missouri
  •   larry7708@yahoo.com.

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